Brow Wax $15:

Did you know that simply waxing your eye brows can change the entire appearance of your face? By thinning the brows & raising the arch, you can create the look of larger brighter enticing eyes that will draw others to a beautiful facial feature you can change easily with the application of eye shadow & liner. Our brow wax cleans and shapes your eye brows so there is symmatry and elegance to your eyebrows. We recommend your brows be trimmed up every four weeks. Packages Available for a series.

Lip Wax $8:

Lip waxing is a quick and effective, as well as virtually painless, means of removing unwanted hairs above the upper lip that generally needs to be performed every 2-4 weeks. Package Pricing available for savings on this service.

Chin Wax $10:

The look of perfection is easily attainable through consistent visits to our waxing experts. You will leave your visit with a softer more subtle and glowing appearance your natural beauty returned for everyone to admire. The Chin Wax does not extend out to the jaw line area.

Cheek Wax $20:

As we age, hair becomes more prevalent on the face. From just below the eye extending down to the jawline, clean up the hair to allow for more definaition of the cheek bone which helps bring out your facial features.

Chest Wax $40-$60 depending on area:

It is no secret that having your chest waxed can be an uncomfortable procedure. But for those of you that are seeking to remove unwanted hair from this region, waxing is a wonderful choice over the traditional shaving of your chest. When waxing your chest, technicians can remove the chest hair on and around the pectoral muscle, not aruond the abdominal area, at the root which in turn will delay the re-appearance as it grows back. In contrast, mere shaving only cuts the hair at the skins surface which will often result with a stubbly appearance sometimes within days. If time is money, this service is money well spent.

Half and Full Back Wax $40-$85:

Men are you looking for a clean, smooth, soft back to show off during water sport season? Although back hair isnt often noticeable to most men; it many times is an area that can be difficult to keep properly groomed. As with any waxing procedure performed on a large area, this service can be a bit uncomfortable but the results are amazing. Performed in a private relaxing area, our technicians will talk you through every step of the procedure. Depending on your rate of hair growth, this procedure will generally have to be re-applied every 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that as the hair grows back, in most cases it will be much softer to the touch. A Half Back Wax does not include the shoulder or low back area. In order to have those areas done, book your appointment for the Full Back Wax.

Stomach Wax $40- $65:

Stomach waxing is a wonderful way to show off all your hard work in the gym. The Stomach Wax focuses on the abdominal area.

Full Arm Wax $35:

Full arm waxing is for both men & women. As is the reason for us to wax other areas of our body, the appearance of hair can distract from the beauty of our limbs too. This procedure will remove unwanted hair from the upper arm down to the wrist; the results leaving you feeling extra soft and smooth.

Half Arm Wax $20:

Similar to the Full Arm Wax, the Half Arm Wax is a service for those that only require hair removal from just below the elbow to the wrists or from the elbow to the shoulders.

Under Arm Wax $20:

This will clean up the Under Arm "Armpit" area. This particular service is quick and reletively painless.


Full Leg Wax $65:

Often male swimmers & body builders opt for a full leg wax to show off their physique and definition. For both ladies & men, this service alleviates the need to repeatedly shave the legs which results in unsightly stubble within days. Waxing removes the hair at the root; whereas shaving simply cuts the hair off at the skins service; definitely a more effective way to keep legs smooth and impressive during shorts season. The Full Leg Wax extends from the hip down to the ankle.


Half Leg Wax $25:

Similar to receiving a Full Leg Wax, you may also choose to only wax the upper or lower area of the leg from the knee. The Lower Leg Wax is focused on removing hair primarily from just below the knee to the ankle of the foot. The Upper Leg Wax is directed towards hair removal from just above the knee to the hip line area.


Bikini Wax $25:

The Bikini Wax is one of the most common forms of waxing for women. Following the basic outline of a bikini bottom, this service removes unwanted hair extending from that pubic region. See our Package Price list for savings.

Brazilian $65 :

If you are a female that is seeking an extremely clean lower region, the Playboy is perfect for you. Our trained technicians will remove hair from the pubic region in its entirety, from the naval to the tail bone. Playboys done consistently generally result in slower re-growth & softer hair in the pubic region.