“My passion & life’s purpose is aiding people regain their quality 

of life, when pain has robbed them of their vitality.  When there is 

no hope left, I am here to provide natural therapy.” 

Elorah Sylvia Zavalza HHP, 

MFMT Founder, 

NCBTMB CE provider

Mind Force Manipulation Therapy 

One area/Intermediate.............. $80 (15-30 Min)

Multiple Areas/Comprehensive... $140 (35-55 Min)

Integrative Massage
Classic relaxation massage, combined with MFMT
on any problem areas that may arise
..............30 Minutes $55
...............60 Minutes $90


Mind Force Manipulation Therapy (MFMT) was created and developed over 25 years ago, by Sylvia Zavalza HHP. As a new Practitioner, Sylvia worked with patients in an orthopedic setting,recovering from car accidents, various traumas, surgeries and illnesses.  Sylvia felt and saw that soft tissue manipulation alone was just not enough, for chronic pain relief. Hence, she began to combine different elements into her treatments. With time, practice, research, studying and most of all client feedback, she created a unique treatment that cannot be found any place else in the world. Mind Force Manipulation Therapy(MFMT) has astonishing results, which are not only permanent, but also achieved fast.



Chinese Medicine teaches that there are 5 forms of naturalmedicine and not every form of medicine works for every individual, due to each person’s chemical make-up. This is why seeking alternative care can be a hit and miss. MFMT is a combination of all five forms of medicine, hence, it doesn’t matter  what each individual body responds to best, they are getting many forms of natural medicine in one session. This 

makes the therapy very effective. MFMT consists of; magnesium therapy,magnet therapy, guided imagery, mindfulness breathing, and hands- on manipulation, a form of passive release. The treatment is deep but very slow and intricate. 


MFMT is deep but not as aggressive as deep tissue.  It is a slower process allowing the therapist to reach smaller more intricate muscles. While, at the same time allowing the muscle nerve ending to relax. The hands on manipulation is very detailed, every layer and muscle is treated. Therefore, these treatment s are not full body. It is focused on the condition. 

Magnesium is used to assist the muscles and nerves to relax and heal spasms and inflammation, during the treatment. Magnesium is a very important mineral for healthy muscles and nerves. Learn more about its benefits at

Magnets are used dilate the blood capillaries, this increased blood flow, allows for faster muscle recovery from the hands on manipulation.  Magnets are also known to decrease pain.

Guided imagery techniques, and mindful breathing, allow the client to willingly and deliberately allow the muscles to move, yield and relax, without fighting back, creating lasting changes that cannot be forced on the body. The mindfulness approach changes the neuromuscular memory patern and encourages the sympathetic and parasympathetic response.  With 4 to 6 treatments done fairly close together, the client experiences 80% - 90%, if not 100% improvement!




Jaw Pain (TMJ) ~Headaches 
Whip Lash ~Frozen Shoulder ~Knee Pain 
Arthritis ~Sciatica ~Piriformis Syndrome
Heel Spurs ~Sprains ~Strains ~Injuries 
Post Surgery Recovery & Residual Pain 
Herniated Disks ~Bulging Disks 
Carpel Tunnel ~Tennis Elbow ~Back Pain 
Joint Pain ~Plantar Fasciitis ~Nerve Pain 
Hip Pain ~Sacroiliitis ~Bursitis 
Liposuction Drainage ~Neck Pain 
Adhesion Prevention ~Arm Pain
Muscle Spasms and More!
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