Back- Flex

BACK-FLEX ™ is a high-potency manganese supplement loaded with scientifically selected vitamins and minerals essential for proper ligament tone.* It is also a super source of glucosamine and MSM, which are important in the maintenance of healthy, flexible cartilage and connective tissue.* BACK-FLEX ™ has every one of the key ingredients recognized as significant in maintaining proper metabolic activity.* Research has verified that the connective tissue in tendons and ligaments can lose flexibility, allowing the intervertebral discs to bulge, putting pressure on the spinal nerves, and causing muscle spasms and pain. Foster Regals high-potency manganese BACK-FLEX ™ formula nutritionally supports damaged and weakened ligaments.* 

Other benefits of Manganese include improves osteoarthritis pain, reduces spinal bone loss (osteoporosis) and improves the symptoms of PMS (pain, crying, loneliness, anxiety restlessness, irritability, mood swing etc. )

Gluten Free

Cinnamon Bark Capsules
Botanical Extract 1210 mg

Use as part of your diet to help maintain a Healthy Blood Sugar Level and a Healthy Cholesterol Level*

Cinnamon Bark, (Cinnamon Cassia) used traditionally as a culinary spice, has more recently been known to possess a number of health benefits. Some studies suggest Cinnamon Bark neutralizes free radicals as well as supports balanced immune system and inflammatory responses. Additional clinical evidence indicates that Cinnamon Bark supports healthy glucose metabolism and may help to maintain blood sugar levels already within the healthy range.*

Pure Herb Material: The cinnamon is collected, vacuum dried removing the moisture, milled and then concentrated removing some of the fiber creating the botanical extract. USDA National Nutrient Database reports that cinnamon is a source of micronutrients such as vitamin K and iron, and also a source of calcium and dietary fiber. A 1-2 tbsp. serving contains 1.4 mg of manganese, which is almost 75% of the recommended daily intake of 2mg. Manganese may help prevent osteoporosis, anemia and symptoms of PMS. Serves as a potent antioxidant and reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is used in naturopathy to treat type 2 diabetes. Studies show a daily dose of 1-6mg can reduce blood glucose levels (more clinical trial are needed) 

This item Certified Kosher